The Internet’s Youngest Band Member, Steve Lacy Is Far More Than An Accomplished Guitarist

peep his soundcloud. seriously

 Most listeners are probably hip to Steve Lacy through his incredible instrumentation with The Internet, and now also because of his production work on K. Dot’s prolific new album DAMN.. It’s literally hard to digest all of his genius, especially knowing he produced track #7 on the project (PRIDE) straight off the iPhone.

Did you know Lacy was Grammy nominated after the release of “Ego Death”? Did you know he got his hands in the mix of J. Cole’s last album, “4 Your Eyez Only” and TWENTY88’s debut? Did you know he was only 18-years-old? Yeah, me either.

A few months ago, the guitarist released his first solo project, aptly titled “Steve Lacy’s Demo“. This project, too, was produced in its entirety completely from his iPhone via the Garageband app. Talk about convenience in innovation.

The urbanites of today are wickedly crafty and talented. It seems like the industry is becoming more like the home studio in the basement, rather than the round table full of tight-asses in suits who don’t really know what GREAT music truly is. Here’s one of my favorite tracks pulled from the Demo below.. “Dark Red“. This song reminds me of a nice ride through the mountains out in Cali, gazing across the horizons of Burbank. As mixed and mastered as this song convincingly is, I enjoy the acoustical feel it brings.

Listen below.

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