Tom Brady and The Patriots are TOO F***IN’ Good…

Double Up!

Last night in Houston, Tom Brady showed his ass on the football field. The Patriots and Falcons met up in Super Bowl 51 and gave us in instant classic and made history in the midst.

The game started off with Atlanta jumping out to a 21-0 lead (21 SKUNK RULE?). The only score by New England was a field goal to end the half. With the score 21-3 at halftime, usually the sign that a game is getting out of control, the overall consensus was to not count Tom Brady out of it.

Then Atlanta scores again in the third…and then people started to relax…28-3…Game over? Wrong!!!!

With the score 28-3, Tom “GOAT” Brady started to slowly dissect the young Atlanta Falcon defense. Pass after pass, completion after completion. It started to become hard to watch. You were watching this man rise from a shitty first half to arguably the best half of football ever.

With the help of some big mistakes by the Atlanta Falcons offense leading 28-20, Tom Brady and the Patriots offense got a chance to get the ball back and tie the game, with 3:28 on left on the game clock. The overall mood at this point was something like, “How the F**K is Atlanta letting this happen?” Tom Brady, aka THE GOAT, led his team straight down the field to tie the game(with the help of a lucky ass catch).


Once the clock ran out with the score tied, we had the first overtime game in NFL Super Bowl history. That is such a crazy stat because of the history that comes with the Super Bowl game.

Overtime started with New England receiving the ball first and the rest is history. I literally couldn’t watch as Tom Brady once again sat in the pocket and killed the dreams of the Falcons, yard by yard. New England ended the game with a touchdown run by James White, 34-28, New England Patriots!

When the game ended, The Patriots made history.

Tom Brady, the only quarter back with 5 Championship Rings.

Bill Belichick, the only coach with 5 Championship Rings.

Biggest comeback in NFL Super Bowl history.

And Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback ever.

He did it…AGAIN.


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