Top Pick From Bruno Mars’ New Funky Album, 24K Magic. Have A Good Time To Track #8, “Finesse”

We out here drippin' in finesse

To the devoted Bruno Mars fans out there who have never gone astray and have helped launch this genius into his position, much love. I NEVER was a Bruno Mars fan before getting ahold of this album. I literally probably truly only like 2-3 of his songs. No album runs at all.

This was such a great time. I can only imagine what the recording process for 24K Magic was like. One of my favorite “jam in the whip” tracks pulled from the album, Finesse is a real epitome to what I can allow myself to think Bruno Mars wanted to accomplish with this project. Have fun. Enjoy the funk and the swagger, and look good in the mirror as you get pull out your Michael Jackson moves.

It’s no question as to how his concert sold over a million tickets in 24 hours. Everybody in attendance for this concert experience is going to be in for a one in a lifetime event.

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