And The Winner Of The 2018 Sauce Awards Is… RetroI$Awesome (R$A)

Giving out sauce by accident

Sauce Man Sauce Man Sauce Man.

When I think of Jersey-bred artists, I imagine the tone that is set by New York.. Gutta, slick rhymes.

That is mostly the case, but then you have this brewing generation of rising talents that LOVE to go against the norms and status quo’s set by who knows & why.. like NJ rapper R$A (RetroI$Awesome).

R$A has been on a musical impetus for over a year, gaining news fans all over with heavy streaming numbers and eccentric music videos. His music is rapidly spreading, and 2018 is off to a great start with his movement.

For his first visual release of the year, Retro puts a spin to your average music video and includes his satirical “Sauce Awards“. Fans from all over voted via Instagram on who theĀ ultimate winner was, and of course Plainfield’s finest took home the gold.

R$A has a hit on his hands with this one. Remember, you heard it here.



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