Within 2 Weeks, We’ve Received 2 New Gems From The One & Only Xavier Omar

this wave is everlasting..

Xavier Omar (FKA SPZRKT) is definitely my favorite artist as of now. I caught wind of his most recent body of work, ‘The Everlasting Wave‘ EP in December, and it unquestionably got me through a real rough patch during that season (that’s what I’ve got in the habit of calling hard times– think positive). His voice is ever so sensual. So sensual, to the point that he definitely could take up a gig in poetry or spoken word if he so chooses to. I find myself rocking to the beats of his records as if they were of a heavy Hip-Hop tone.. his sound selections & vocal approach just influences that type of atmosphere for the listener.

One of my favorite songs pulled from the Cali singer’s catalogue is “How Do You Love Me“. This track is featured on his collab project with Sango, “Hours Spent Loving You“, under his former alias. A lot of people didn’t know Xavier Omar changed his stage name, so when I would go around thinking that I discovered a fresh new talent raving about him, they would say his voice sounds super familiar, but couldn’t place a name on the voice.

Last week, he released a new track with Red Bull Sound Selection titled “Afraid“. This week, he dropped off another single featuring Goldlink, and curated a small digital release with RBSS. Maybe this means a new collective is on the way? For a fan like me.. I’m sure hoping so. I’m not too much here for the “Trap Soul” movement as I am for these type of sensations. His artistry embraces vulnerability. He’s very open.. very honest.. and can be very reminiscent of 90’s R&B, as far as his songwriting and tones. If we’re asking about my opinion, this is the foundation rhythm & blues was built on.. the feels.

Shoutout to Bizness Boi & Hit-Boy on these tracks. I say this a lot and I shall say it again, lets make R&B cool again, guys.


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