YG Finessed His Verse On Mike WiLL’s “Gucci On My,” & I Don’t Care How You Feel Bruh

Pay me, walk through, fuck it up

So I just heard this track for the first time probably like last week, and I swear I run it back to back to back to back to back.. every single time I’m in my car. I’m on this wave right now where I get really lit to the songs I can do the “Lil Uzi” dance to (in the 757, we calling it the “Doe$ki dance”). If you follow me on Snap, you’re probably reading this like “yo this girl is deadass addicted to this song, haha”. But yo, you cannot tell me Mike WiLL did not act a fool with this one!

Lets talk about this star-studded, super unorthodox line-up, first and foremost. Even with me being a super old school Hip-Hop shorty, that’s one thing I can say I definitely appreciate about new-aged producers like Mike WiLL, DJ Khaled, & etc.. They’ll gather up artists you’d never think to put on a track together and make a real live HIT. Mike WiLL CERTAINLY did that with the first installment of ‘Ransom’. Damn near every track pulled from that compilation was a hit record on every featured artists’ projects.. and he’s about to do it again with Ransom 2.

Gucci On My‘ is one of the first releases from the upcoming project and we have 21 Savage, YG, and Migos on the track. Like how does that even sound?! Especially with YG’s style.

I want to point out the fact he’s the one that really made this track a banger.. him & Offset, of course, but whats new as far as that. YG’s flow was something that more than likely upset a lot of people who truly correlate him to that West Coast flavor, but it goes without saying that his verse set this joint off. No question. It was funnier than anything, and that’s what I love about him. This man is unfiltered AF.. unapologetic AF.. uncut AF.. all of the above, and it makes is music real to him.

The females at the top of his verse building it up for a few bars to something that the ladies are gonna rock with more than anything was littttyyyy. I think he knew that too. That build up is literally the lituation on this collab, and then we hop into the Migos verses to swag it off. That turn up is self-explanatory and I just know I’m not the only one really jigging off this. I can already tell Mike WiLL is about to do it big this Summer. I’m expecting this to be a drop for the Summer, it’s only right.

Listen below.


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