Young Dolph Refuses To Die.. And It’s Allowing His Music To Go Harder


Young Dolph is literally Bulletproof.

In one breath, it blows me that Yo Gotti and Young Dolph have one of the most crucial beefs going on in Hip-Hop right now. But, in all honesty, the hatred these two have for one another is producing some seriouss hit music.

This rivalry is all too reminiscent of the infamous East Coast vs. West Coast feud that came about during the Biggie and Tupac era.. except these two are from the same hometown.

With all the attempted murders and fights/shootouts that have continuously taken place since the top of the year concerning both Memphis entourages, and a beef that has spiraled out of control since 2014, the real question that is being posed now is plain and simple: why does Gotti want Dolph dead SO bad? I suppose fans calling both rappers the “King of Memphis” is getting out of proportion, at this point.

Nevertheless, ya boy Young Dolph keeps taking all of that energy and laying it down in the booth, and we have 3 extremely solid projects that have dropped off this year to vouch for it.

I really first learned of the beef when Dolph dropped off Gelato earlier this year. That record became the single that brought their differences completely to the mainstream, and the fans loved it. With the project and this record in particular, Dolph reintroduced the REAL foundation of rap beef: name-dropping. Not too shortly after, Gotti had some of his boys let off rounds on the Dolph’s truck. However,  the truck was bulletproof, no one died, and in return, Dolph was inspired to once again head to the booth and record another body of bangers in light of the situation.

Bulletproof gained the attention of the entire industry, not only because Young Dolph is clearly the most immortal rapper in the game, but because his raps are going harder each and every time he drops of a body of work. Can you name another artist in Hip-Hop history that has antagonized their enemies with an entire project letting you know that they refuse to die?.. and then go as far as to name each track featured on this said project in light of their altercation? I’ll wait..

When you look at everything in retrospect, yeah, Gotti is still a boss and his reign will forever be legendary.. but he’s really putting Dolph on the map with the nonsense. I haven’t seen so many bandwagon fans hop on this man’s line ever.. and his music has been hot.

Young Dolph’s latest banger comes at the heels of the latest murder attempt on his life. As I said before, with every encounter of death he comes face to face with, the music that follows elevates. Thinking Out Loud will arguably go down as one of his most polished bodies of work in his catalogue. From front to back, you have heavy-hitters like “Pacific Ocean,” “Believe Me,” the title track “Thinking Out Loud”, and my personal favorite, “Drippy” making NOISE. The production selection on this album is impeccable. The beats are hard. The bars are even harder as they overlay  the beats.. and simply put, this man is talking sh*t now.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say when Dolph hits the road on tour, those from Yo Gotti’s camp and anyone else in opposition of his growing success are going to be sick . Thinking Out Loud is a pinnacle album in Dolph’s career thus far, down to the chosen collaborations that are featured.

My initial listening experience with this project was in the whip. THAT crank was undeniable. So imagine what it’s going to be like live and direct.. crazy.


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